VEGAN OATMEAL MASTERPOST - a guide to the perfect vegan oatmeal

You might think ‘why the hell do we need a guide for that? I’ll just take soy-milk/yoghurt’ . But I don’t like the taste of pure soy-milk/yoghurt, so I tried different ways to prepare my oatmeal and I found the perfect one and now I’m going to share it with you!


your first step is to pick a base - no, I don’t mean soy-milk or soy-yoghurt - I mean fruit!

you need 1 cup of this base, for example:

  • strawberries (53cal)
  • raspberries (64 cal)
  • blueberries (83 cal)
  • peaches (66 cal)
  • apple (65cal)
  • pear (96 cal)

now throw your choice into your blender


you will need 1/2 cup of your choice, for example:

  •  fruit from the list above
  • baby spinach (3,5 cal)
  • pineapple (41 cal)
  • cherries (37.5 cal) - without the stone!
  • watermelon (23 cal)

now throw your choice into the blender


you will need about 3 tbsp of your choice, you can choose between plain soy-yoghurt (25cal) or flavoured ones (e.g. vanilla). I like both varieties! :)

as you know -> throw it in your blender!


you will need about 1/2 cup of your choice

there are so many different vegan milks out there- pick your fave!

  • plain soy-milk (26cal - depending on if you’re using the light version or not)
  • oat milk ( 24cal)
  • almond milk (24cal)
  • coconut milk (20cal)
  • rice milk (47 cal)


you can add some more flavor by adding 1tsp (or more ;) )  of your choice!

  • cacao-powder
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla
  • agave-nectar
  • maple syrup


add some extra protein by adding this in!

  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • cashew
  • flax seeds
  • almonds

now blend!

you will get something that looks like a smoothie, but thinner! :)

if you want it even more thin you can  add some more ‘milk’

pour all in a bowl


this is my favourite part- top it with all you want and as much as you want ! some ideas

  • 1 banana (88cal)
  • 1 handful of your favourite berries
  • more chia seeds
  • apple
  • pear

and of course… OATS!

I take about 3 tbsps(30g) of oats - 111cal

but you can take more or less, just as you like


strawberries +  peach + soy-yoghurt + soy-milk + 30g oats, topped with 1 banana and a handful of raspberries = 397cal

blueberries+ mango + vanilla-soy-yoghurt + soy-milk + 30g oats,topped with  1 banana and a handful of  strawberries = 384 cal

I always add a scoop of protein powder!


  • if you like a ‘soft’ taste (I don’t know how to describe it otherwise) use blueberries as your base and add more ‘milk’
  • if you like a really intensive taste use raspberries as your base
  • Put all your ingredients, except the oats, into the fridge on the evening before. It will give the oatmeal a fresh kick.
  • if you like it really really refreshing use frozen fruits!
  • You like a warm breakfast ? great! Simply put your oatmeal into the oven for a few minutes or heat it up in the microwave


  • buy frozen berries, they’re cheaper!
  • clean your blender right after using, so you won’t have to scrub it later
  • 'decorate' your oatmeal - more about that below!
  • try lots and lots of varieties, find your favourite taste!


If you place your toppings onto your oatmeal in a beautiful way it will not just look good in pictures, but also it will motivate you to keep eating healthy. It brings joy, and joy is needed to keep going. You won’t get bored of your oatmeal if you create a masterpiece every morning! Another reason is that studies have shown that people feel like a nice looking meal tastes better than a boring looking meal (even if it is the exact same meal!) – so go betray your taste buds!

Also a great way to motivate yourself is to post photos of your creations – tag them with #criardoats , I would love to see (and try) them!


  • Oatmeal can lower your risk for several diseases, including high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Oatmeal also contains lignans, a plant chemical that has been found to prevent heart disease
  • whole grains such as oats are a source of iron, magnesium and B vitamins
  • Eating oatmeal can lower your cholesterol
  • Oatmeal keeps you full for a long time; stops cravings



now go and create your own bowl of heaven!:)


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Scrubby Bay Farmhouse | Pattersons Architects

So here is the plan:
1.) sell wife
2.) sell kids (not sure of possible)
3.) sell house, car other stuff
4.) buy this house
5.) be alone?!
Plan has a prob I think…

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Deep Search Branding / Bielke + Yang

Identity for newly established Norwegian shoe brand Deep Search. We wished to translate the essence of the products into a timeless profile, the printed material representing the same qualities as the products; classic cuts, seams and details with focus on quality and effective use of materials.

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Todays #breakfast was serious #foodporn.
Oatmeal with raisins, apple, banana and a fig. 

Great way to start the day.

Todays #breakfast was serious #foodporn.
Oatmeal with raisins, apple, banana and a fig.

Great way to start the day.


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